Projections Season

This autumn, as opinion is polarised and division deepens in British politics, we celebrate difference and solidarity via a packed series of events with internationally significant artists and curators tackling subjects urgent and timely.

Projections is returning to Tyneside Cinema with a season of events dealing with issues as diverse as sex work, the construction industry, and migration. Turner Prize nominee James Richards returns to present a programme of films. Lucy Parker joins us with a screening of her first feature. With Newcastle University we launch a new open call prefaced by Hito Steyerl’s prescient film The Empty Centre; and launch The Visible Press’ new book on seminal artist Lis Rhodes with films and readings. Lastly, this season features two Kids’ Club events this season tackling subjects of no less importance, such as the convergence of the three suns. Plus, The Rough Cut returns in November with Kitty Anderson as guest moderator.

James Richards: Into the Breach

Wed 23 Oct, 17:30

Turner Prize nominated artist James Richards, whose film Uncontrollable Universe was completed as part of the Projections Commissions 2019, joins us to present a programme of films by friends and peers which circles and expands upon his own work.

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Alia Syed: Routes Through

Fri 25 Oct, 20:30

Alia Syed is one of the most singular and expressive artists working to unravel, via the moving image, the experience of the diaspora. Having started making films at the London Filmmakers’ Cooperative in the 1980s, her work departed from the structuralist concerns of many of her peers to think instead about identity, representation and the legacies of colonialism. Informed by her mixed-race upbringing in Glasgow, by turns political and playful, her films trace the lines that connect and frame that divide – underpinned always by a deep interest in the possibilities and effects of language.

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The Empty Centre + Rachel Armstrong

Wed 30 Oct, 18:00

Join us for a free screening of artist Hito Steyerl’s Die Leere Mitte (The Empty Centre) to mark the launch of City Limits, a new open call in partnership with Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape for artists working in the moving image.

After the fall of the Berlin wall, planners pledged to return the city centre to its pre-war home at Potsdamer Platz. The meaning and use of public space in the intervening years, however, had shifted, inflected architecturally by postmodernism and politically by late 20th century capitalism. As Steyerl’s engrossing film charts, Berlin’s Neue Mitte became less a symbol of civic spirit and more an expression of the unrestricted ambitions of private developers, excluding as many people as it welcomed.

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Solidarity: Lucy Parker & Mohaan Biswas

Thu 7 Nov, 20:30

Blacklisting, the secretive practice by which trade unionists and activists are labelled ‘troublemakers’ and denied employment, has decimated the careers and lives of thousands of workers across the UK.

In Solidarity, artist Lucy Parker’s first feature-length film, blacklisted construction workers and activists share their ongoing struggles. Many years in the making, the film follows meetings between activists and law students brought together for the film, revealing alarming links between workplace blacklisting and undercover policing. At the centre of it all is the determination of a community working together to find justice.

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The Rough Cut + Kitty Anderson (LUX Scotland)

Wed 20 Nov, 18:00

For artists, The Rough Cut is an opportunity to meet established curators and share work in a relaxed and informal environment. For everyone else, it’s a chance to see interesting new films.

Kitty Anderson is Director of LUX Scotland, an organisation based in Glasgow that supports, develops and promotes artists’ moving image practices across Scotland. Until recently, she was Curator at The Common Guild, Glasgow, where she commissioned and produced projects with Katinka Bock, Carol Bove, Ulla von Brandenburg, Steven Claydon, Phil Collins, Sharon Hayes, Janice Kerbel, Roman Ondák and Akram Zaatari. She has worked as Associate Director of The Modern Institute and Associate Curator of Frieze Projects. In 2013, she co-curated the Scottish presentation for the Venice Biennale with an exhibition by Duncan Campbell, Corin Sworn and Hayley Tompkins. Kitty is a regular visiting lecturer at Glasgow School of Art

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Workers! + Petra Bauer & SCOT-PEP

Thu 21 Nov, 18:00

Workers! was filmed in the Scottish Trade Union Congress, a building rooted in workers’ struggles for rights and political representation. During their one-day occupation of this institution, conversations unfold that centre the voices of sex workers demanding to be seen as experts on their own labour and lives. The collective approach developed for Workers! is inspired by feminist film practitioners who emphasise the importance of making films with their subjects, not about them.

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Lis Rhodes: Telling Invents Told + María Palacios Cruz & guests

Thu 12 Dec, 18:00

An evening of readings and screenings of films and texts by artist and filmmaker Lis Rhodes, occasioned by the publication of the first collection of her writings, Telling Invents Told, by The Visible Press.

Rhodes, an important figure at the London Film-Makers’ Co-operative and a founding member of feminist film and video network Circles, has been making radical and experimental work that challenges dominant power structures since the 1970s. Her writing addresses urgent political issues – from the refugee crisis to workers’ rights, police brutality, discrimination and homelessness – as well as film history and theory, from a feminist perspective.

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Tyneside Kids Club: The Dark Crystal

Sat 16 Nov, 10:30

Introduce your kids to this 80s classic from Jim Henson and join us after the film to make your own furry Fizzgigg. Plus, get your own dark crystal to take home free with your ticket!

In another time, the Dark Crystal – a source of balance and truth in the universe – was shattered, dividing the world into two factions: the wicked Skeksis and the peaceful Mystics. Now, as the convergence of the three suns approaches, the crystal must be healed, or darkness will reign forever.

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