Projections at Tyneside Cinema

Projections is Tyneside Cinema’s artist programme. From regular screenings and live events, new commissions to artist development opportunities, the programme works with artists to imagine the cinema of the future.

This summer we invite slime and sock puppets, colliding perspectives and awkward tourists into the cinema for a season marked by three new performance works. Sophie Soobramanien’s new film performance Ou est le pouce? returns to her parents’ birthplace to unpick assumptions around heritage and nostalgia, while Bryony Gillard explores the dangerous female voice in Harmonic Anatomies / Wet Mouths and Visions of Collisions sees Film Bee take apart and rebuild the cinema experience itself. Start them early, meanwhile, with Gayle Meikle’s Video Ga Ga — artists’ film for babies!

Film Bee: Visions of Collisions

Visions of Collisions uses and misuses analogue film to deconstruct and rebuild the cinema experience in the spirit of ‘agonism’ – the idea of embracing and bringing about the conditions for the forceful clash of ideas, perspectives and viewpoints. Visions of Collisions will invigorate a cinema architecture designed for passivity and anonymity. Expect a metaphorical, and occasionally literal, collision of images, words and objects.

About the artists

Newcastle-based collective Film Bee shoot film and operate projectors like musical improvisers. Started in 2003 by artists with interests in working collaboratively, as a group they are more often associated with the Star and Shadow Cinema, where they are based and have performed previously. They have built and dismantled three film labs in Newcastle and will soon be building a new one inside the new Star and Shadow.

Thurs 26 Sep, Electra


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