Tickets And Booking

At Tyneside Cinema, we are continually striving to make film accessible to all. We have a range of offers and discounts to make sure everyone has a chance to experience the magic of cinema.

Booking Process


Tickets for all of our screenings at Tyneside Cinema can be booked in person at our Box Office located in the ground floor foyer, from our website, or over the phone.

If you book tickets via the website, you will be charged a £1.40 booking fee per transaction, unless you are a Friend member or Young Tyneside member, in which case you can book at no additional cost!

Unfortunately, wheelchair seats will not be available to book via the website while social distancing measures are in place due to how seating is automatically allocated. Any guests wishing to purchase wheelchair seats will need to do so over the phone or in person, where our Box Office team will be happy to help.

When you purchase your ticket(s) remotely, either via the website or over the phone, you will be sent two emails: One contains a transaction confirmation, and the other contains your E-ticket(s), sent as a PDF attachment. When attending your screening(s) you will need to present your E-ticket PDF to enter the screen: You can do this by showing the PDF on a smart device, or you can print it off. You can also visit our Box Office in advance of the screening and ask for your tickets to be printed, although we would encourage you to not print tickets off unless necessary.


Standard Ticket Prices


Below you can download a table of all our standard screening ticket prices. To help you fully understand all the price options please refer to the key.

Please note that only one discount can be applied to a ticket. Tickets purchased with a membership discount cannot have additional discounts applied.




Concessions Include: Senior, Student, Under 15,

Active Newcastle, Disabled

and Wheelchair Users


Benefit Includes: Refugees, asylum seekers,

those receiving Job Seekers Allowance,

Employment & Support Allowance and

Personal Independence Payment



Proof of ID or Age


Tyneside Cinema operates under the Challenge 21 scheme. If you are lucky enough to look under 21 we may ask for official proof of age for 15 and 18 certificate films. The ID types we can accept are:

  • Passport (or a photocopy of your passport)
  • Driver’s license
  • PASS card

If you are asked to provide ID to prove your age and you are unable or unwilling, you will not be permitted to attend the screening in question. If you are refused entry to a screening on this basis a refund may be given on affected tickets entirely at the discretion of the Box Office team.


Proof of Eligibility for £1 Benefit Ticket


It’s important for you to know that we might ask for proof of eligibility for our discounted benefit tickets. For those on Universal Credit, we accept any paper documents you might have been sent in regard to your Universal Credit application, or to note your ongoing receipt of these benefits. In the absence of any paper documentation, we can also accept a recent bank statement that shows a deposit from the Department of Work and Pensions (This usually appears as DWP on bank statements).

For Refugees and Asylum Seekers we accept any photographic ID that you may have been issued during your registration as a Refugee or Asylum Seeker.

If you are eligible for our Benefit ticket offer but are concerned that you will have difficulty providing evidence please do speak to our Box Office team and we will see what we can do for you.




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