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Dead Good Film Club is back for a special screening of Much Ado About Dying, hosted by Dr Kathryn Mannix who will be joined by the film’s director Simon Chambers for a very special Q&A.

We will also be opening up the Coffee Rooms for tea, cake and conversation as part of Dying Matters Awareness Week 2024, which this year focuses on the language that we use to talk about death and dying in our own lives.

Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Simon Chambers
Very strong language

Simon is shooting a film in India when his Uncle David calls him with a message of doom: “Come back to London, I think I may be dying.” What the viewer doesn’t yet know is that David is a Shakespeare-loving drama queen who has grown old on a diet of attention and applause. But Simon finds his own life drastically interrupted when he returns to try and sort everything out. David has no intention of dying.

As the months turn into years David accidently makes himself homeless, and refuses to go into a care home. While Simon tries to figure out how he can help his anarchic and spirited uncle, David sits in his kitchen reciting King Lear, “It’s the play about an old man becoming infirm, losing his mind and giving his kingdom away” he tells his nephew. Simon soon discovers that his uncle too has been giving away thousands of pounds to a hot young “carer”. As David’s life echoes the play that he loves so much, Simon is left with the challenge of trying to help David find a good ending to the drama that his own life has become.



DeadGoodFilmClub hosts screenings and events about death and dying to encourage conversations around topics often considered taboo. Expect great films, fascinating discussions and revealing insights from people working in areas as diverse as health care, undertaking, public services and the creative communities.

Curated by Newcastle-based producer and funeral leader Andy Jones, DeadGoodFilmClub was devised in partnership with Newcastle’s ‘Death Positive Library’ and Tyneside Cinema.

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Tue 7 May