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Tyneside Cinema has been bringing transformative cinematic experiences to the people of the North East since 1937.

Presenting the best in independent, blockbuster and world cinema in our beautiful historic building, Tyneside Cinema has been a place for discovery, fun, socialising, learning, and community decade after decade. Tyneside Cinema is at the heart of the community and is a home for local film lovers.

Tyneside Cinema is now under threat of closure, and we need your help to save it.

With audience numbers yet to return to pre-pandemic levels, cuts to our funding, and spiralling prices due to the “cost of living” crisis, we simply can’t afford to meet the costs of running the cinema in 2023, and will soon have to close. If we close, it is unlikely that we would be able to reopen, and an iconic cultural landmark will disappear.

But we have a plan: we are working hard to secure extra funding, and with some changes to how we work, and the support of you – our beloved audience – we can survive.

By acting now to raise £150,000 in the next six months, the cinema will remain open, and we will have the time to lay the foundations for the future into 2024 and beyond.

Help us reach this target and save our beloved cinema by donating via our Just Giving page. You can also donate directly through our website, below.


How can I help the Tyneside Cinema survive?


  1. Support our fundraising campaign by donating to our Just Giving campaign, donating to us directly via our website, below, or in person at any service point at the cinema.


  2. Set up a regular donation to Tyneside Cinema by Direct Debit by filling in this form and handing it in at our Box Office. Alternatively, you can sign up to our Supporters Circle to make a monthly or annual donation to help support our work and keep our doors open.


  3. Go to the cinema! Buying tickets to films and events, purchasing merchandise, and spending money in our Tyneside Bar Cafe and Vicolo will all help the cinema to remain open.


  4. Become a member! Friends of Tyneside Cinema receive numerous fantastic benefits, from no booking fees online to discounts on food and drink, exclusive members events, and more. Join our community now!


  5. Use your voice! Amplify our campaign for survival by spreading the word using the hashtag #LoveTynesideCinema on social media, and linking to our Just Giving page.