About Us

Our Purpose

Here at Tyneside Cinema, our passion is film and all the things film can do for us. Film has the power to say something that you might otherwise never hear or see. It can connect you to people and places that you may never know. And it has the power to make us feel intense emotions through empathy. Our mission is to be the home of great films and to make their magic accessible to all. We’re the North East’s leading independent cinema, approaching 100 years in our historic Art Deco building in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne.



But we’re so much more than ‘just a cinema’.


Our Mission Is:

  • To provide a film programme that is vast and varied from blockbusters to art-house and international cinema.
  • To continually strive to make cinema available and accessible for everyone. We offer a range of popular accessible screenings and a £1 ticketing scheme for those who may need film most but don’t have the means available.
  • To support new and young developing artists in our community. Our multi-award-winning learning programme offers a comprehensive range of activities, including film courses, workshops and holiday schools.
  • To encourage deep and meaningful discussion around the films we show. Our curated seasons and specialist events connect you to some of the greatest minds of our industry, including filmmakers, authors, and lecturers.
  • To keep film where it belongs; in the cinema, which is why our Projections programme is committed to helping artists create bold new work, for screening or performance in the cinema itself.


Cinema is the very air we breathe, it’s our all-consuming passion, and we love sharing it with you. There’s a whole new world waiting here for you, so come and get involved.

Our Story

Dixon Scott, the great uncle of Sir Ridley and Tony Scott, founded Tyneside Cinema as a Newsreel Theatre in 1937, with a vision to be a “window on the world”. We proudly continue his vision and legacy in the same place he created it all those years ago.

We started by bringing world news to Newcastle, with short documentary films covering global stories

and current affairs, with the occasional cartoon too. The original news theatre auditorium is now our ‘Classic’ cinema screen, with luxurious art-deco styling and iconic red curtains.

Now we’re the last surviving Newsreel Theatre to still operate as a cinema. When you visit our venue, you can see many of the building’s original features, enjoy Newsreels and dine in Tyneside Coffee Rooms; which was opened by our founder’s wife Virginia Scott in 1938.

Our thoughtfully curated programme is an eclectic mix of blockbusters, international marvels, and ground-breaking independent cinema from the UK.

One of the luxuries of being an independent cinema is that we can showcase films that otherwise wouldn’t be seen by audiences. We bring you closer to film by hosting some of the greatest minds of our industry for special events, including filmmakers, authors and lecturers.

We’re passionate about supporting children and young people; bringing new and exciting ways for students to engage with the curriculum and filmmaking courses for ages ten and above. Over the last three years, we’ve welcomed over 15,000 children and young people to our venue to learn more about film.

In addition to our multi-award-winning learning programme, we’re committed to helping artists create innovative new work, enter international film festivals and reach new audiences. Artist opportunities include Open Calls, for filmmakers and curators to present their work in the cinema; and Graduate Residencies.

If you’re looking for a unique, creative venue for conferences, weddings and private parties, our imaginative Events Team with over 30 years of experience, will create an unforgettable event for you and your guests.

We think cinema is fundamental to how we understand the world around us, and we’re proud to offer a diverse way for you to engage with it.


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