2hrs 12mins

Bong Joon-ho

The Kim family are in a pretty destitute situation – all unemployed and living in squalor. When their son Ki-woo is recommended for a well-paid tutoring job with the wealthy Park family, it isn’t long until the whole Kim family infiltrates their home posing as unrelated, highly-qualified individuals. As their deception unravels, events begin spiralling out of control in ways you could not imagine.

Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globes and BAFTA nominated for Best Film, Film Not In The English Language, Director and Original Screenplay – Parasite is the thriller genre at it’s finest.

“A nerve racking masterpiece “ – Vulture

“A must-see for anyone who loves cinema” – Awards Watch

“A twisted ride that gets under your skin” – Slashfilm

Oscars 2020

Best Picture – Winner

Best Director – Winner

Best Foreign Language Film – Winner

Best Original Screen Play – Winner

Best Production Design – Nominee

Best Film Editing – Nominee

Golden Globes 2020

Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language – Winner

Best Director – Motion Picture – Winner

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture – Nominee

BATFAs 2020

Foreign Language Film – Winner

Best Original Screenplay – Winner

Best Film – Nominee

Best Direction – Nominee


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