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Stanley Kubrick's monumental science-fiction epic changed the face of genre cinema forever.

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Big Screen Magic
Stanley Kubrick
Mild violence, threat

The discovery of a mysterious monolith on the surface of the moon sets into motion an investigative mission aboard the Discovery One vessel.

Led by inquisitive scientist David Bowman (Keir Duller) and the revolutionary AI, HAL 9000, the mind-expanding journey will call into question man’s place in the universe forever…

A game-changing advancement in the transportive possibility of science-fiction cinema, Kubrick’s awe-inspiring realisation of the sprawling majesty of space on screen remains every bit the cinematic marvel today that it was on first release in 1968.

The persona of Major Tom is the clearest personification of the staggering impact that the film had on the young David Bowie, extrapolating a wondrous Space Oddity from an extraordinary Space Odyssey.