1hr 33mins

A 1970s television broadcast on Halloween night unleashes unspeakable evil, in this ingenious era-evoking found-footage horror which has all the hallmarks of a future cult classic...

This feature contains scenes of flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.
Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Cameron Cairnes, Colin Cairnes
Strong horror, violence, gore, language

Halloween, 1977. Late-night talk show Night Owls with Jack Delroy – now in its sixth season – begins airing.

In an effort to rescue falling ratings, host Jack (David Dastmalchian) decides to dangerously dabble in the supernatural.

Inviting parapsychologist Dr. June Ross-Mitchell (Laura Gordon) to talk about her new book, ‘Conversations with the Devil’, the show also sensationally promises to make contact with the devil himself.

The young subject of her book, Lilly (Ingrid Torelli), is the survivor of a satanic cult’s mass suicide – and her interview on the show spells the advent of the most unholy, nightmarish night in television history…

Tune in as we discover the lost tapes of a terrestrial visitation from hell, unearthed by the directing duo of brothers Cameron and Colin Cairnes. This gnarly, deliciously devilish revitalisation of the found-footage sub-genre is an absolute must-see, lovingly crafted throwback blast for horror fans.