1hr 46mins

In this jazz-fuelled animated odyssey from the imagination of Disney PIXAR, a high-aspiring music teacher journeys to the spiritual realm of the Great Before to reunite with his soul and fulfil his dream of performing in a professional band.

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This film is screening as part of an exciting trio of PIXAR films coming to the big screen in the UK for the first time!

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Pete Docter, Kemp Powers
Mild bad language, fantasy threat

Dreamer and part-time music teacher Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx) finally sets eyes on his big break – being offered a gig as a jazz pianist.

But life has other plans, as he falls down a manhole, and finds himself trapped in a spiritual limbo known as ‘The Great Before’ – a plane in which souls are designated for their life on Earth.

To make matters even more complicated, his return back home is hampered by his soul being inadvertently assigned to a cat, with Joe’s body now occupied by the soul of the cynical ’22’ (Tina Fey).

The race is on to get things back to normal in time for Joe to fulfil his musical dreams.

A stunningly imaginative, gloriously musical study of the wonders of living, the magic of music (using stunning compositions by maestro Jon Batiste) and the importance of striving to fulfil your ambitions, Soul is a thought-provoking pondering of what lies beyond our world.

This soul-enriching wonder is a treasure for the whole family, which re-affirms PIXAR as one of the most emotionally mature, technically innovative animated studios in all of cinema.

Screenings of Soul will be preceded by the short film Burrow.

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Sat 9 Mar