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A darkly hilarious anthology film produced by Spike Lee, Tales from the Hood spins four thematically rich, altogether nightmarish tales of Black-centric horror, narrated by a theatrically eccentric funeral director played by Clarence Williams.

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Black Genre Cinema
Rusty Cundieff
Images of real dead bodies, racist violence, domestic abuse

Three dealers (Stack, Ball and Bulldog) get more than they bargained for when they journey to Simms’ Funeral Home to pick up a stash.

Encountering the home’s theatrically eccentric funeral director (Clarence Williams III), he promises to explain the grisly stories behind the bodies in his mortuary, guiding the three unsuspecting friends through a series of gruesome vignettes, bringing comedy and gore to four stories that critique police brutality, domestic abuse, racism, and gang violence.

Each of the four macabre tales in Tales from the Hood finds a pitch-perfect balance between genuine scares and consistent laughs, while also exploring challenging themes with subversive wit and wonderful practical effects.

Executive-produced by none other than Spike Lee, this is a barnstorming horror anthology with its finger firmly on the pulse of contemporaneous society, as fresh and relevant today as it was thirty years ago.

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Sat 8 Oct

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