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Oh hai, Tyneside! The one and only Greg Sestero joins us for an unmissable interactive screening - with live commentary - of the most infamous cult classic of all time: Tommy Wiseau's now-legendary The Room.

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Tommy Wiseau

The nirvana of so-bad-it’s-good cinema and the endlessly quotable gift that keeps on giving, The Room stars its enigmatic creator Tommy Wiseau as Johnny, who comes to blows with his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero – oh…hi!) over the affections of his girlfriend Lisa (Juliette Danielle).

In what has become a much-anticipated annual tradition at Tyneside Cinema, we are delighted to welcome back the brilliant Greg Sestero for a fun-filled interactive celebration of the ultimate diasterpiece – with riotous live commentary from the man himself! Plastic spoons at the ready, this is one not to miss…

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Fri 10 May