1hr 27mins

Tobe Hooper's grisly, breathless 1974 horror landmark returns to the big screen in stunning 4K to celebrate its 50th anniversary, as the relentless Leatherface presides over the road trip from hell.

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Tobe Hooper

A group of friends journey into atmospherically barren rural America in their campervan, on a pilgrimage to the grave and former home of Sally & Franklin’s grandfather. On the way, they seal their ultimate fate by picking up the wrong hitchiker – and happen across the home of the chainsaw weilding Leatherface, and his cannibalistic, sadistic family…

A relentless, horrifyingly nihilistic descent into terror, The Texas Chainsaw Massace is an instrumental film in defining the slasher genre tradition in popular American cinema, and in setting the precedent for the ‘final girl’ legacy. Every bit as visceral and terrifying in 2024 as on initial release some fifty years ago, it remains a definitive cinematic descent into hell.

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Fri 14 Jun
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