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The youthful, imaginative coming-of-age debut for director Amanda Nell Eu transforms the journey of puberty into a mythical body horror, as twelve-year-old Malaysian student Zaffran (Zafreen Zairizal) becomes the first in her class to menstruate - bringing forward a supernatural transformation.

Our special Menstrual Health Day screening on 28th May, in support of Bloody Good Period, will be followed by a Q&A with BGP Fundraising Manager Heather Moss, with a portion of the ticket sales being donated to BGP.

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Amanda Nell Eu

Tiger Stripes follows the story of spirited teenager Zaffran (the extraordinary Zafreen Zair) – whose shining personality is conveyed brilliantly through TikTok dances which bookend the film – as she faces being the first in her class to start menstruating. Attempting to keep it hidden, or facing being ostracised by her friend group and the conservative community at large, things are complicated even further as her body inexplicably begins transforming to that of a tiger.

A vital cinematic allegory for menstruation, Amanda Nell Eu’s impressive first feature offers an unfiltered, honest look at adolescence and puberty, and attitudes towards it in her native Malaysia. Infusing a compelling coming-of-age narrative with ambitious body-horror inflections, this Cannes Critics’ week Grand Prize winner boasts a winning young cast and roars with youthful feminist energy.

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Thu 30 May