If you would like a thorough preview of our building layout and the locations of our facilities, please feel free to take a look at our interactive “Digital Twin” located at the bottom of this page.

Wheelchair Access

The entrance to the Cinema located on High Friar Lane includes a button-operated accessible door, which is the left-most door as you face the entrance from the outside. This accessible door is approximately 99cm wide, the two doors adjacent to the accessible door are approximately 79cm wide, and the three remaining Box Office doors on the right hand side are approximately 87cm wide.

The sliding doors into Vicolo from High Friar Lane are approximately 1.22m wide when fully opened. The internal door from Vicolo into the Box Office Foyer is approximately 80cm wide.

The entrance to Bar Cafe from Pilgrim Street is approximately 84cm wide. There are two button-operated doors between Bar Cafe and the Box Office Foyer, both of which are approximately 83cm wide.

All of our cinema screens, food and drink venues and Hires spaces are accessible by wheelchair. There is a lift to all floors apart from the lower ground floor where the Classic Stalls are located. The entrances to the lift from all floors are approximately 89cm wide.

The only exception is our Classic cinema stalls. Any customers requiring wheelchair access to films or events that are held in our Classic cinema will be charged the standard price for our premier seats in the Classic circle.

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while you are visiting us, so any guests using our wheelchair spaces have the option to transfer into the cinema seat, or we can remove it if they wish to remain in their wheelchair. You can inform us what you would prefer at box office, or by letting the usher on the door know.

Seat Widths

The width of our seating varies from screen to screen. Our seat widths (the space between the inside of the arm rests) are as follows:

  • Classic Stalls: 48cm
  • Classic Circle:
    • Armchairs: 49cm
    • Two-Person Sofas: 102cm
    • 1/2 Sofas: 51cm
  • Roxy: 47cm
  • Gallery: 47cm
  • Electra: 44cm


  • Male toilets are located on the ground, second and third floors.
  • Female toilets are located on the ground, first and third floors.
  • Access toilets and baby changing facilities are located on the ground, first, second and third floors. All our accessible toilets have doorways approximately 89cm wide.

A radar key is required to use access toilets and baby changing facilities. We can provide you with one if you don’t have your own, just ask any member of staff around the building.

Changing Places

The closest Changing Places facilities to Tyneside Cinema are:

  • City Library – New Bridge Street West
  • Eldon Square Shopping Centre

Hearing and Vision Impaired

We have a headphone system in place in all of our screens for those who are hard of hearing or visually impaired. All regular screenings support boosted volume audio for those who are hard of hearing. An Audio Description track is also available where possible: Please speak to our Box Office team to confirm which of our films have an Audio Description track available.

Our headphone system is a small box that you can carry in your pocket or clip onto your clothing which has a stereo headphone jack included. We can provide a set of headphones for you to use during your film, but if you have your own set of headphones that you would prefer to use you can plug those in instead.

We also regularly schedule subtitled screenings of our film programme, usually one a day, which are open to the public.


Tyneside Cinema welcomes breastfeeding throughout the building.


Assistance Animals in the Cinema


Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome at all times, in all our venues, as per the law.

Emotional Support Animals (ESA)

We want to be a welcoming cinema and so we also recognise the right to attend with an emotional support animal. We request that, if you plan to visit us with an ESA, you notify us in advance of your visit and book your tickets in advance so we can ensure we can accommodate this.

If you attend the cinema with an ESA we ask that you adhere to the following requirements so as to ensure that the experience of other guests isn’t negatively impacted:

  • They must be under control at all times i.e. on a lead/in a travel basket etc.
  • They must remain quiet and close to the owner at all times.
  • Animals must not relieve themselves anywhere within the venue.
  • They should avoid physical contact with staff or guests, in case of allergies and for health and safety purposes.
  • They should not come into contact with food or beverages on sale in the venue.

We reserve the right to assess requests for animals to attend on a case-by-case basis, considering the welfare of our guests, staff and the animal in question. Staff may ask the Guest & animal to leave if it breaches the requirements above or if the welfare of the animal is at risk.


Access Cinema


For more information about our Access Cinema Programme click here.

You can also explore our “digital twin” 3D map ahead of your visit to familiarise yourself with the layout of the building and the locations of screens and facilities:


Tyneside Cinema’s Digital Twin was generously provided by Matterport in support of our #LoveTynesideCinema fundraising campaign.