Film Clubs

There are two Film Clubs based at the Tyneside Cinema that have been in operation since 2010; made up of like-minded film lovers who want to meet and talk about the films they have been watching, the clubs even continued to meet online during the pandemic. They join a long and storied history of film societies and film clubs that have played an enormous role in the vibrant film culture at the Tyneside over the past 85 years.

The Daytime Film Club meets weekly on a Thursday at 2pm. The Evening Film Club meets weekly on a Thursday at 7pm, alternating between face-to-face and online discussions.

There is a broad mix of people from all backgrounds and ages who make up the Film Clubs at Tyneside Cinema – what binds their memberships together is a love of cinema. The Film Clubs provide a supportive space to explore cinema, discuss individual responses to the films people have seen, and to share recommendations. Discussions are lively, thought-provoking and, hopefully, fun – there is a respect for differing views of cinema that members bring.

If you would like to join or find out more about the Tyneside Film Clubs, you can access more information by contacting

We hope to see you at a meeting very soon!