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One of the greatest and most influential anime ever created, and a landmark in cinematic history, Akira is the Team Choice selection from Ayla from Operations.

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Team Choice
Katsuhiro Ôtomo
strong language, bloody violence, sexual violence
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

In a post-apocalyptic 2019, Neo Tokyo is still struggling to rebuild years after a devastating nuclear attack. A violent skirmish between rival biker gangs the Clowns and the Capsules ends with one member, Tetsuo, in hospital and the rest in police custody.

Tetsuo’s medical treatment, however, belies a much darker government-led project to harness and exploit the abilities of so-called ESPers: children gifted with incalculable psychic powers. Tetsuo’s newly discovered supernatural gift may hold the key to finally realising the aims of the mysterious Project Akira – or it might signal ultimate destruction for the Earth.

Widely considered to be one of the greatest animated features of all time, not to mention one of the most influential in the western world, Akira is a landmark in cinematic history. Launched at the culmination of Japan’s Golden Age of anime, due to its unprecedented budget the film was able to be painstakingly crafted with up to 24 drawings animating each second – giving it a sleek, fluid look that would enable it to stand up against any Disney feature of the same generation. It is a film that effectively changed the landscape of cinema and prompted the explosion in anime’s popularity outside of Japan.

Ayla Says: “If you only see one dystopian sci-fi anime about telekinetic children blowing up Japan while teenage bikers turn into massive protoplasmic mutants and accidentally explode their girlfriends while their friends shoot them with laser cannons, make it this one.”

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Sat 16 Jul

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