2hrs 12mins

Nothing says Christmas like Bruce Willis in a vest! There's a lot of contention around whether this masterclass in action is actually a Christmas film but we wouldn't have it any other way...

strong violence, language, nudity and hard drug use

John McTiernan

On Christmas Eve, NYPD detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) arrives in Los Angeles, intending to reconcile with his estranged wife, Holly (Bonnie Bedelia), at the Christmas party of her employer, the Nakatomi Corporation.

McClane makes his way to the party but while he is changing the party is disrupted by the arrival of a German terrorist, Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), and his heavily armed team. The group seizes the tower and secures those inside as hostages except for McClane, who slips away. Can he save his wife and be home in time for Christmas?


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