1hr 43mins

One of the most iconic family films of all time, this hilarious, heartwarming Christmas favourite pits Macaulay Culkin's Kevin McCallister against the infamous Wet Bandits (Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci).

This film screens as part of our magically festive Christmas programme.

moderate slapstick violence and infrequent moderate language

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Christmas 2023
Chris Columbus
Contains moderate slapstick violence and infrequent moderate language

And you thought your family was terrible! Try being Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin), an 8-year-old so totally ignored by his own family they even forget to take him on a family trip to Paris. But, thankfully for Kevin, there’s all that “lovely cheese pizza” that needs eating, beds to be jumped on, and messes to be made. And when two bumbling burglars — Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern — show up try to rob the McCallister homestead, well, thankfully Kevin is there to show them who’s boss.

Come and relive all your childhood dreams of being left to your own troublemaking devices courtesy of this holiday movie gift that just keeps on giving, penned by the great John Hughes (The Breakfast Club) and directed by Chris Columbus (Mrs. Doubtfire). Plus, don’t forget that magically festive soundtrack.

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