1hr 28mins

This touching, spirited magical realist anime masterpiece from visionary director Satoshi Kon (Perfect Blue) follows the transformative journey of three homeless people after discovering an abandoned baby.

This film screens as part of our magically festive Christmas programme.

Unfortunately no Audio Description track is available for this feature.
Christmas 2023
Satoshi Kon
Contains moderate violence
Contains Foreign Language Subtitles

In Tokyo Godfathers, three homeless people – Gin, a former professional bicycle racer; Hana, a trans woman brought up in foster care; and Miyuki, a run-away young girl – live together in Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, the three discover a baby girl at a garbage dump. They head for the brighter parts of the city, where people are enjoying the holiday festivities, to look for the baby’s parents. While the three search for the parents, uncanny luck results in their meeting other people while their adventures with the baby continue. Will the baby lead these three protagonists to their destiny?

A heart-warming festive animated fable of the highest order, Tokyo Godfathers deftly balances hilarity and profundity for an emotionally stirring story of an unlikely family. Satoshi Kon’s 2003 anime adventure is a Christmas miracle.

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