1hr 29mins

Capturing a very particular slice of 90s American consumerism, Jingle All the Way is a madcap family comedy that sees the ever-muscled energy of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Dad-on-a-mission, Howard Langston, pursuing the most sought-after Christmas toy – the mythic Turbo Man – for his son Jamie.

Brian Levant

Festively administered like a slapstick shot of adrenaline, Jingle All the Way could be seen as the frenzied sibling to Miracle on the 34th Street (1994); both films centre on how Christmas is lost in, or expressed by, the imperatives of escalating capitalism and the functions of the family as a template for happiness.

That aside, it’s basically Arnie on a shopping spree racing a rival dad (Sinbad) for an action figure.

This is a riotous, ridiculous and gloriously entertaining caper across the festive cityscapes of Minnesota, in the malls and streets of waning collective sanity: the panic-buy stampede begins…

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Tue 21 Dec

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